Devon Dogs is the home of the Naughty But Nice
programme, which has has transformed thousands
of Naughty But Nice dogs into Superstars!

Let us help you decide on the best training for you
and your dog.

Book a 1-2-1 with one of our expert trainers today!

Dog Training At Devon Dogs

We cover all aspects of dog training and will guide you from the beginning of your relationship with your puppy, or new dog, from foundation level right through to to agility, obedience and fitness training.

New to Dog Training?

Have you or are you expecting to welcome a new dog into your family? Do you want some help but are you a bit unsure where to start your training journey? We can help you get started with a one hour 1-2-1 with one of our expert trainers who can help you put together a great training plan for you and your new dog!

Dog Training Holidays

What better way to take a break, and come and relax in our friendly cottage apartments here in beautiful Devon, which have fully enclosed gardens and your very own parking space. Step out of your cottage and train in our purpose built, fully equipped indoor training barn, right here on the premises.

Struggles with your Dog?

Do you have a fabulous dog but all of a sudden your once perfect recall has disappeared? Have your quiet, relaxed walks changed because you are worried about your dog’s interest in other animals?  Our Events calendar has workshops from Breed Days to Chase Motivation and Drive, and many more.

Supercharge your training!

Are you feeling a bit stuck with your dog training? Do you have some specific goals you want to achieve but need some help to put together a plan to get there? Come and see us at Devon Dogs for either classes or individual training – you will leave energized and with a fabulous plan to achieve your goals!

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