Would you love your dog to be well behaved and a true
joy to own? We will guide you from the beginning of your
relationship with your puppy, or new dog through to to
agility, obedience and fitness training.

Devon Dogs is a Centre of Excellence and home of the
Naughty But Nice programme, which has transformed
thousands of Naughty But Nice dogs into Superstars!

Dog Training At Devon Dogs

New to Dog Training?

If you are new to dog training you may feel a little confused on knowing where to start. At Devon Dogs we offer a variety of training classes that would suit many different skill areas. We appreciate It can be a little overwhelming if you’ve not taken part in dog training before.

Struggles with your Dog?

Do you struggle with your dog? Do you find it stressful walking them out and about? Are you worried about what is going to happen? Do you feel isolated and at a loss as to what to do? Perhaps you are avoiding certain situations altogether? Don’t worry, help is at hand!

Supercharge your Training

Do you have specific goals you want to achieve? Maybe you want to enter your first agility competition or you are stuck at Grade 5 and want to advance but need to improve your skills? Or perhaps you have taken a few classes and still want to improve your relationship with your dog?

Dog Training Holidays

At Bowerland, we offer a unique opportunity of dog training holidays tailored to suit your specific needs, with stunning farm style self catering accommodation and amazing training facilities on your doorstep. Not to mention the beautiful walks surrounding us.