Weekly Roundup – 19 August 2019

More fun, more games, more amazing students!  With the unpredictable weather this past week we love how super flexible our students were with their training.[…]

Weekly Roundup – 12 August 2019

Real Life Results!  When it comes down to it, that was it is all about!  You can do ALL the training, play ALL the games, but the true test comes when you go out into the real world and see the amazing results you can achieve!  Here at Devon Dogs we get real life results through playing games with our dogs and having fun![…]

Weekly Roundup – 5 August 2019

What is your struggle with your dog?  Perhaps it’s barking in the car when you arrive somewhere or running over to dogs and people when out on walks. […]

Weekly Roundup – 28 July 2019

Fun with boundaries!  If you are looking for the secret to having an amazing dog around the house, boundaries are it!  We use boundaries in all of our classes, at home, out and about…we use boundaries in training and day to day life![…]

Weekly Roundup – 22 July 2019

A full on week here at Devon Dogs jammed packed full of new games and amazing learning!  Disengagement, engagement, gundog and calmness…some great games, shared by Tom and Lauren  […]

Weekly Roundup – 8 July 2019

It was a super week for learning here at Devon Dogs!  Our weekly classes are always amazing, the enthusiasm and optimism made it a brilliant week! […]

Weekly Roundup – 1 July 2019

Real Life Results…our students come to us for 121s, classes and workshops looking for help in achieving real life results.  When we mention real life results, the tendency is to think of solving problems such as barking, jumping up on strangers, pulling on lead, chasing wildlife (or the neighbours cat!) and counter surfing.[…]

Weekly Roundup – 24 June 2019

 This past week at Devon Dogs was a full on week of inspiration!  Four days of amazing learning from Tom and Lauren with new games being shared and filmed.[…]

Weekly Roundup – 17 June 2019

We keep saying it, another super week at Devon Dogs…and we really mean it!!!  Weekly classes are amazing and we had a few students make the move into Agility Starters.  […]

Weekly Roundup – 10 June 2019

Keep learning, keep growing and have fun!  Our main goal with all of our students and their dogs is to help them keep learning and growing but most importantly to have fun! […]

Weekly Roundup – 3rd June 2019

What’s your current struggle with your dog?  Recall, focus, calmness, chase…or maybe you want to improve you and your dog’s skills and find some new fun games to play with your dog? […]

Weekly Roundup – 27 May 2019

There is always so much to learn and we absolutely love sharing knowledge with our amazing students at Devon Dogs.  […]