Weekly Roundup – 17 June 2019

We keep saying it, another super week at Devon Dogs…and we really mean it!!!  Weekly classes are amazing and we had a few students make the move into Agility Starters.  […]

Weekly Roundup – 10 June 2019

Keep learning, keep growing and have fun!  Our main goal with all of our students and their dogs is to help them keep learning and growing but most importantly to have fun! […]

Weekly Roundup – 3rd June 2019

What’s your current struggle with your dog?  Recall, focus, calmness, chase…or maybe you want to improve you and your dog’s skills and find some new fun games to play with your dog? […]

Weekly Roundup – 27 May 2019

There is always so much to learn and we absolutely love sharing knowledge with our amazing students at Devon Dogs.  […]

Weekly Roundup – 20 May 2019

It has been a super week here at Devon Dogs!  One of the areas we work on loads with our students and our own dogs is calmness.  […]

Weekly Roundup – 13 May 2019

The weather has been simply perfect here in Devon for dog training!  We have enjoyed our weekly classes and with the stunning weather it was great to have our classes work in a new environment this past week. […]

Weekly Roundup – 6 May 2019

We hope you have been enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend with your dogs!  Here at Devon Dogs we have been busy training and having a fabulous week with our students and their dogs.[…]

Weekly Roundup – 29 Apr 2019

This week at Devon Dogs the fabulous learning continued!  Our Tuesday workshop and agility classes looked at course work skills.[…]

Weekly Roundup – 22 Apr 2019

What a difference a week makes! We started the week a little chilly and ended it with amazing warm sunny weather over Easter.[…]

Weekly Roundup – 15 Apr 2019

A super week at Devon Dogs, we are loving the lighter evenings which means we can train longer!  Classes worked through building up skills on contact equipment, weave training and improving handling techniques. […]

Weekly Roundup – 8 Apr 2019

Another inspirational week at Devon Dogs!  Weekly classes were full of enthusiasm and smiles and we worked on some great confidence building exercises, agility foundation skills and most importantly having fun! […]

Weekly Roundup – 1 Apr 2019

Spring is here!  The clocks changed this weekend and we are super excited to have that extra hour of light in the evening, more time to do homework from our weekly classes.[…]