Weekly Roundup – 21 Jan 2019

This week has been a super week at Devon Dogs!  We are loving that the days are getting longer and it is lighter that little bit earlier and later.  […]

Weekly Roundup – 14 Jan 2019

2019 has been amazing!  This week work started on Bowerland Training Arena for the astro turf…super exciting!  Lessons and classes have been fabulous with students being flexible and adapting with work happening on site. […]

Weekly Roundup – 7 Jan 2019

Can you believe it?  It is 2019!!!  We had a super start to this amazing year with our weekend workshops.  Course running agility and jumping workshops were super fun on Saturday and we had a fantastic group for Naughty but Nice Day. […]

Weekly Roundup – 17 Dec 2018

We have had some super workshops and classes this past week at Devon Dogs.  Tuesday we held our Olympia Course Running with Astro and the Unicorns helping to make the course look festive and give an Olympia ‘feel’. […]

Weekly Roundup – 10 Dec 2018

Have you met our newest team member?  Astro has had a super busy week doing fitness, working on weaves and helping with some of our classes and workshops!  […]

Weekly Roundup – 3 Dec 2018

Did you get your Christmas lights up this past weekend?  Bowerland is decorated and ready for the holiday season!  We had an amazing week with our students. […]

Weekly Roundup – 26 Nov 2018

 We have had the most amazing week at Devon Dogs!  AbsoluteDogs has been holding Super Trainer Live with Game Changers from all over the world: Belgium, France, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, America as well as all across the UK! […]

Weekly Roundup – 19 Nov 2018

Have you started putting your Christmas lights up?  We may have put a few lights up at Devon Dogs last week getting ready for the holiday season!  One of our favourite times of the year!   […]

Weekly Roundup – 5 Nov 2018

This week has been filled with loads of inspiration and our students have lots to work on through the winter months!  In classes we have been working on mastering turns, building value for mats, targeting objects and building confidence with a spooking Halloween theme!   […]

Weekly Roundup – 29 Oct 2018

 We had another super week of workshops and classes with a Wicked Weaves Workshop on Tuesday and Spooky Steeplechase on Saturday morning.  […]