Monthly Optimism Top Up


If you’ve completed one of our training packages here at Devon Dogs, thank you so much! We loved having you train with us and wish you the best of luck with your continued training journey.

We want to help you keep up the momentum! We are only a phone call away and have a Monthly Optimism Top Up package so that we can be there to share your training journey. As part of this package you can have a monthly hour long Skype/Phone call with one of our trainers to help you with:

  • Membership where you receive discounts on certain events
  • adjusting your plan so that you can keep moving forward towards your goals
  • answering questions
  • giving you new challenges with your current games
  • suggesting new games
  • and providing you support

You will also be given access to the Devon Dogs Student Room which is a private group where you can post videos on your progress, ask questions and receive useful tips and notification of workshops before we release to the general public. This group is awesome and our regular students and trainers are all members, you will have access the very best group of optimistic dog trainers 🙂


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The Monthly Optimism Top Up costs £50 per month which needs to be paid via a monthly standing order (minimum of 3 months is required).

Please be aware this package is only available if you have previously purchased and attended one of our training packages. To book your package now, please fill in the form below and a member of the team will get in touch to arrange your first call.


The package includes a monthly hour long Skype/Phone call with one of our trainers.