Workshops for Pro Dog Trainers!

 Take your learning to the next level and join us at Devon Dogs for some hands on training that has been designed for YOU as a trainer!
 Are you already teaching, or
  Are you thinking you just might take the leap 

We held our first days recently and they were simply AMAZING – pure joy and passion and learning all in one space! The energy filled the space and reverberated throughout! The happiness and good vibes were off the chart, and that’s growth for you. It is such a great opportunity to add to your knowledge with:


  Practical teaching tips
  Growing your knowledge and confidence
  Practical and in person tasks
  Public speaking and classroom management tips
  Working in groups with many dogs of different breeds with different needs
Polishing up your own skills
Discussing workshops & 121s
Playing the games as they relate to different topics to ensure your classes inspire everyone that comes and it grows your training to the next level!


See how we do this all at Devon Dogs and get to see it in person.  You’ll have insight into what your own students are going through when you teach them and that makes you such a great trainer!

Upcoming Workshops

Nov 06

Pro Dog Trainer Success=Success

6 November @ 10:00 am9 November @ 4:00 pm

Naughty But Nice Training Days

Sun 30

Naughty But Nice Day

30 August @ 10:00 am4:00 pm

Naughty But Nice Intensive

Mon 17

Agility Holiday

17 August @ 10:00 am20 August @ 4:00 pm
Sep 25

Naughty But Nice Autumn Transformation

25 September @ 10:00 am28 September @ 4:00 pm

Specialised Training 

Mon 10

Activity Break Holiday

7 August @ 10:00 am10 August @ 4:00 pm
Sun 23

Sight Hound Day

23 August @ 10:00 am4:00 pm
Sep 18

Agility Day

18 September @ 9:15 am5:00 pm
Oct 09

Agility Day

9 October @ 9:15 am5:00 pm
Oct 23

Autumn Gundog Action-Taker

23 October @ 10:00 am26 October @ 4:00 pm