121 Training Packages

Here at Devon Dogs we offer a unique opportunity of 121 Dog Training Holiday Packages tailored to suit your specific needs, with stunning farm style self catering accommodation and amazing training facilities on your doorstep. We can build into your package out and about, new environments, group walks with our super stooge dogs all to help you get to enjoying spending time with your dog.

There is nowhere quite like Devon Dogs, our Dog Training Holiday Packages are designed to help you with any struggle you may be having with your dog. We have an amazing team of trainers and an even more amazing team of stooge dogs. Enjoy a tailored dog training holiday experience like no other!  And in between your training enjoy the beautiful Devon countryside and local pubs!

Have a look at the options we have below to help give you an idea of what we can do for you while training with us!

Naughty But Nice Packages

Devon Dogs is home of the Naughty but Nice program that has transformed thousands of owners and their globally. We are passionate about turning your struggles into strengths.

Here are some of the struggles we can help you with:

⭐ Running over to other dogs
⭐ Growling, lunging, barking on lead
⭐  Stopping and not wanting to walk anymore
⭐  Jumping all over strangers
⭐  Barking at noises
⭐  Chasing cyclists, joggers, wildlife or livestock (anything really!)
⭐  Pacing, watching, always aware and ready for what might happen
⭐  Issue with travel and resting in vehicles


How will we help you and what will YOUR training look like:

⭐  Working in different environments
⭐  Learning and practicing out & about strategies
⭐  Understanding your dog’s body language
⭐  Motivating your dog and using appropriate rewards
⭐  Games that will bring out the BEST in your dog
⭐  Working around stooge dogs
⭐  Traveling to new locations for real-life results
⭐  Games you can play at home or take out and about
⭐  Practicing your mechanics with our amazing team of dogs
⭐  Sending you home with a plan!

GameChanger Training Packages

Are you part of AbsoluteDogs Training Academy?  Do you already play the games and want some in person training? With all of our packages we will fit in as much as we possibly can cover, the more time we have with you and your dog(s), the more we can accomplish and the more we can help you! We are here to help you get the most out of these amazing games by:

⭐  Designing a training plan for you and your dog;
⭐  Focusing on the main concepts that will help you with your current struggles;
⭐  Adjusting the games for you and your dog;
⭐  Clarifying the games and differentiating the games you have mastered;
⭐  Providing you a dog you can practice the game with during your lesson, allowing you to build your skills and applying these to your dog;
⭐  Loan you a dog while you train with us during your package and focus on growing your skills
⭐  Take you out and about during your training so that we can help you transition to real-life results.












    Training Hours 5 hours 10 hours 15 hours 20 hours 40 hours
    Notebook & Pen
    Pre-Arrival Call 𝙭 𝙭 𝙭 𝙭
    Follow-Up Call* 𝙭
    Gift Voucher 𝙭 𝙭 𝙭 £25 £50
    Goodie Bag 𝙭 𝙭 𝙭
    DD Sports Bag 𝙭 𝙭 𝙭 𝙭
    Minimum Time Period 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 7 days







*Our follow-up calls are a great opportunity to clarify anything and start putting what you learned into practice once you get home.