I’m coming for training… what do I need to do or bring?

We are super excited you are coming to join us for 1-2-1s, classes or workshops.  You will have an amazing time and our fabulous trainers will look after you super well.  Here are few simple tips to ensure your training with us runs smoothly:

1) Do you have everything you need for your dog?  Have a look at our handy checklist: What to Bring, and more importantly please make sure you have the following:

  • Training treats – kibble or higher value dried, non crumbly treats
  • Harness, lead
  • Crate with cover…if you have a raised bed you are welcome to bring, or we can loan you one
  • A mat for under your crate
  • Towel to dry your dog off before coming into the arena
  • An extra towel…just in case!
  • Clean toys
  • Your dog 🙂 (you would be surprised!)

2) Do you have everything you need?

  • Indoor shoes for training on the artificial turf
  • Wellies/suitable outdoor shoes & clothing for toileting your dog
  • Note book and pen, write down any question you may have ahead of time!
  • Lunch/snack if on a full day workshop
  • Bring warm clothes, the arena is not heated!

3) If you have a dog that marks or may toilet when working on the Astro Turf, please notify your instructor at the very beginning of your lesson. We will ensure you work in the most suitable area at Bowerland for your dog.

4) Please read the Astro Turf Rules to ensure you are super ready to train on the astro turf and please find a handy checklist for gear to bring if you will be working on the Astro Turf.

5) Have a look at our Welcome Letter for directions and more information about East Bowerland Farm.

6) When you arrive please remain in your car and your trainer will be out to meet you.

If you have any other questions, please check out our FAQ page, or feel free to contact us.