Consult Calls


Not sure what to do next? Are you looking for someone who can answer your questions? Do you need someone to help you get on track without travelling in person or making a big journey? If travelling to Devon Dogs just isn’t possible or practical for you, we can help you with a Phone/Skype consultation right now whilst you remain in the comfort and safety of your own home.

We have 3 options designed for your specific struggles:



Have you had reactive issues with your dog such as fighting, growling, lunging, biting and barking? Does your dog have anxiety issues or is just simply unmanageable in your everyday life? Our trainers are experts in Naughty but Nice dogs and can help you understand why this is happening. We can design a programme to bring out the very best in your dog and bring harmony back to your home.




Are you looking to kick your training up a notch?  Kick the thermostat to the curb! Do you need some feedback or a plan and can’t make it to training sessions? We have the perfect solution for you!  Work with one of our trainers via Zoom from the comfort of your living room! We have the perfect solution for you!  You can train your dog, ask questions and we can show you games to play with your dog!




Are you looking to set up a new business, or considering whether to expand your existing business? Are you are a dog walker, groomer or home boarder? Maybe you want to teach your first training class, or expand the classes you are already teaching? Perhaps your current model lacks lustre, or you just want new ideas, an energy boost and inspiration? Let us help you move up a level and sky rocket!