Naughty but Nice – Online 4 Week Workshop

Are you ready for a transformation? If you have a spirited and mischievous canine companion, we have some fantastic news for you. It's time to put an end to stressful walks and embrace a harmonious relationship with your "Naughty But Nice" dog right in the comfort of your own home! 🐾 The Challenge: Does your […]

Devon Dogs Summer Bikini Ready Bake off

🌞🐶 Dive into Summer with the Devon Dogs Summer Bikini Ready Bake-Off! Get ready to embrace the sunny season with your four-legged friend! Join us for an exciting workshop where we'll explore how to keep your dog cool, happy, and bikini-ready during the summer months. Our "Summer Bikini Ready Bake-Off" is all about nourishing your […]

Loose Lead Walking – Online 4 Week Workshop – June 2024

Does your dog pull like a train? Would you like a dog who walks on a loose lead? HELP is at hand We are very so very excited to be offering our Loose Lead Online 4 Week Training Course - bespoke to you and your dog within a small and safe group space. All exercises […]

Devon Dogs Health and Longevity Bake Off

🐶🥦 Join the Devon Dogs Health and Longevity Online Bake-Off! Get ready for an exciting evening where we dive deep into the world of canine nutrition and discover the secrets to helping your furry friend live a long and healthy life. Our "Health and Longevity Bake-Off" is all about nourishing your pup for a lifetime […]

Mechanics – 4 Week Online Workshop – July 2024

🐾 Unleash Your Dog Training  Mastery! 🐾 Get ready for a pawsitively rewarding experience at our exclusive "Mechanics workshop." 🐕 What to Expect: 🔧 Master Training Techniques: Dive deep into your mechanics when training your dog. 🔩 Hands-On Learning: Practice and refine your skills with live demonstrations and interactive exercises. 🔨 Problem-Solving Strategies: Learn how […]

Devon Dogs Fireworks and Calmness Bake Off

🎆🐾 Prepare Your Dog for Fireworks Season! 🐶🎇 As the fireworks season approaches, it's time to equip yourself and your furry friend with the tools for a peaceful and stress-free experience. Join us for an exciting workshop that will help you to prepare food designed to keep your dog calm and comfortable during the fireworks […]

Off Leash Freedom – Online 4 Week Workshop – August 2024

We hear this A LOT:  "My dog listens to me at home, but when I go out and about, he totally ignores me." Join us on this fantastic online workshop over 4 weeks and we will help you take your training on the road!  We will show you the games to play with your dog […]

Devon Dogs Back to School and Separation Bake Off

We will help you to create ditch the bowl master pieces that your dog will love and will keep them occupied whilst you get the kids to school or get back to work after the holiday season! We are so super excited to put this workshop on for you! We have been buzzing with ideas, […]

Devon Dogs Hallowe’en Bake Off

🎃👻 Calling all dog lovers and Halloween enthusiasts! 🧁👨‍🍳 Get ready for a spine-tingling, tail-wagging adventure in our "Halloween Themed Bake Off" brought to you by Devon Dogs! 👻 What to Expect: 🎃 A Halloween Howl: Dive into the spooky spirit with pumpkin-based treats and other ghoulishly delightful creations. 🐶 Beyond Training: Discover how what […]

Devon Dogs Batch Bake Off

🐶🥦 Introducing our upcoming workshop: "Batch Bake Off"! We understand that life can get hectic, but that doesn't mean your four-legged friend should miss out on delicious and nutritious treats. Our workshop is all about helping you keep the food supply flowing even during your busiest days. 🍽️ What to Expect: 🥦 Nutritional Know-How: Explore […]

Real Life Boundary Games – Online 4 Week Workshop – November 2024

Does your dog struggle to stay calm in the house? Is your dog difficult when you have visitors in the house? Does your dog struggle to control themselves, nicking things and doing zoomies? Are you embarrassed to let your dog off lead because they don’t seem to get that they should stay close? Would you […]

Devon Dogs Christmas Creations Bake Off

We know it might sound early, but we're thrilled to announce our upcoming Christmas workshop! It's never too soon to start preparing for the festive season, and we've got an exciting event planned just for you and your furry friends. Here's a sneak peek of what we have in store for you: 🐾 Getting in […]