Disengagement – 4 Week Online Workshop

This is the missing piece to the puzzle for a lot of dog owners that we see at Devon Dogs Everyone works really hard on recall games, value for focus […]


Confident Canine – Online 4 Week Workshop

There are lots of things for dogs and puppies to be worried about: Life! Loud noises: fireworks, gunshots, vehicles Children: running, screaming, we calm then ‘novelty machines’ Delivery people: the […]


The Devon Dogs Long Term Health Bake Off

Devon Dogs Bake Off will focus on long term health through ditching the bowl for your dog with natural ingredients and natural feeding.  This will be all about helping your […]


Dimmer Switch – Online 4 Week Workshop

Would you like your dog to have a better off switch? And maybe even a dimmer? Would you like more down time? Or maybe you have a dog that is […]


Gamechanger Bingo Night Online Workshop

Are you ready for a super fun evening of Dog Training Games?  Are you ready for an evening of Dog Bingo?  How about an evening where we put the two […]


Rock Star BOUNDARIES – Online 4 Week Workshop

Game ON! You asked.... and we delivered.... drum roll please Does your dog struggle to stay calm in the house? Is your dog difficult when you have visitors in the […]


The Devon Dogs Budget Friendly Bake Off

Times are tight...bills have increased.  This Bake Off will focus on budget friendly recipes for your dog so you can keep ditching the bowl and feeding your dog homemade healthy […]