Fixing Your Recall with help from Devon Dogs – Part 1


It’s a dog owner’s dream to enjoy stress-free walks, to enjoy watching their dog romp about off lead, to own a dog who, when called, who comes back immediately without hesitation.

For a lot of dog owners who come to us at Devon Dogs for help, this isn’t their reality; their dog runs off, doesn’t listen and is in their own world ignoring their owner.  These dogs tend to spend their lives on lead as they can’t be trusted to enjoy that off lead experience.  It needn’t be this way.

Devon Dogs can help you with your recall struggles – we think it is absolutely crucial for you to have an excellent recall with your dog.  In fact, as it is so important, we have allocated 5 whole learning parts for you.  Listen up as this is part 1 of 5 in our FIXING YOUR RECALL SERIES.

Many things play into the success of recall and over the course of this series, we are going to dive into each of them.  We are going to look at:

  1. Relationship and Value in You
  2. Disengagement
  3. Impulse Control
  4. Thinking in Arousal
  5. Reinforcement Strategy

We are going to explain why we think each of these are crucial for that dream recall. Starting with….


We like to look at the relationship that we have with our dogs like a bank account.  Positive interactions pay into the bank account, negative interactions withdrawal from it. The ultimate aim is that the balance is nice and healthy.  How is your relationship with your dog?  Do you share lots of positive interactions with your dog each and every day?  Or do you find that you spend more time getting frustrated at your dog for doing something wrong?  The secret to success is all in the mindset; rather than think, ‘what don’t I want,’ switch it to ‘what do I want?’  If you turn it around and think in a solutions framework rather than a problems framework, you’ll enjoy many more positive interactions with your dog, leading to a super boosted relationship bank account.


In dog training where you place the reward is where you build value, eventually over time the value transfers to that place.  In your dog’s mind they think, ‘when I am at this place super good things happen, so I am going to hang out right here!’  So, if you think about it, if you reward for close proximity, you are rewarding a place, i.e. you!  The ultimate goal is that your dog is drawn to you like you are Disneyland to them, they simply can’t help but be around you, as you have made being near you where the parties, fun times and games happen!  Teach fun proximity games like middle, leg weaves, side position etc.  Build your dog’s comfort in being close to you by building skills like calm massage, handling, collar/harness shaping etc.

Relationship and value in you is where that 100% reliable recall starts.  Next time, we’ll be looking at the concepts of DISENGAGEMENT.

  • In the meantime, if you would like our help with your recall struggles, we are offering several online learning experience opportunities for our students.
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