Have you worked out What Type of Dog You Have?

For example, is your dog a librarian type or a smoking behind the bike sheds rebel? Generally, at Devon Dogs we find they pretty much fall into two camps; the librarian type or the smoking behind the bike sheds rebel! Are you finding our dog types helpful?  Why don’t you share with us how you are managing to stay connected with your dog? We would love to hear from you!

Review & Reminder

    • Librarians need lots of opportunity to let their wild side show. It’s in there, but it’ll need eking out! So, if you own a librarian, the games to focus on are anything that is movement based; orientation games, funder, leg weaves, spins, racing to food or a toy and being able to win it. And when it comes to dabbling in self-control games, don’t test, test, test the self-control – its already there! Test a little but release more.
    • The games to focus on if you own a smoking behind the bike sheds rebel are essentially the opposite to the librarian! Lots of duration and stillness behaviours and self-control games.

Our amazing trainers

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