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Boundary Games and Gated Communities – Boundaries provide a safe area for each of your dogs, allowing them some independence from one another.

Fair Doesn’t Mean Equal: Guilt is the driving force that tells us our dogs all have to enjoy the same activities all together at the same time. That goes for walks, chews, kongs, scatter feeding, training sessions etc.  Let go of that guilt and ditch any kind of ‘the dogs do everything together’ routine!

Train the Dog in Front of You: What we mean by this is when it comes to thinking about your training sessions, look at each dog you own and work out what concepts need enhancing and go from there to create your training plan.

Acknowledge Individual and Household Stress Buckets: When it comes to stress buckets, we must consider the communal bucket. By that we mean that within your household each of your dogs have a shared stress bucket. One thing to always be working on with your dogs is… Calmness! 

Our Team

Our amazing trainers, Michelle, Becky, Tracey, Maxine, Sarah, Jamie and Fred are more than willing to help you; in fact they absolutely love to guide students towards the best possible training event for each individual problem. They are both really solution focused. Why not take a look at our Online Training

Weekly Classes

And have you thought about joining us via Zoom for weekly consistency classes! This is an amazing opportunity to train with us in the comfort of your own living room. To play the games with a trainer and to get to see them regularly via Zoom. And keep yourself on track with your training and get a weekly energy boost from the amazing Devon Dogs trainer team! 

Our Weekly Online Training classes are held on either a Monday or Wednesday at 7:15pm to 8:45pm via Zoom. Each week the group works through games, skills and specific topics relevant to the group.  It is a super supportive and fun group to be part of. As a regular student you also have access to the Devon Dogs Student Hub on Facebook where you can ask questions, post videos and share your successes; we love the Devon Dogs online community!

Training Packages

We have some fabulous 121 training packages that will help you to look at and work through your training goals and make sure you are on the right path! Let us help you in your plan for 2021!  Check out our upcoming Events, or contact us HERE. We are happy to assist you in your training goal planning process.


Are you looking for some help with your dog? Are you having struggles? Maybe barking, pulling on lead, jumping on people? Do you need some help? We have a solution for you whether that’s in person or remote. We can help you from pet dog training to the next agility or sports superstar, from search work to gundog… as we say, There’s A Game for That!

Our in person Weekly Classes are ideal if you can come to us regularly: Naughty Dogs, Life Skills, Monthly Classes and Sports Training. Or are you a bit further afield, take a look at our workshops and in person bespoke training packages where we can design a plan just for YOU! Not able to make it to us, we offer Consult Calls and regular Monthly Optimism Top Up calls where we keep you on track and accountable to your goals. Drum roll please our brand new offering is Virtual Online Classes and Groups, something for everyone and food for thought – get EXCITED 🤩