This month, we have been looking at training troubleshooting and turning struggles into strengths! Just to recap:

Struggle 1: My dog doesn’t like food/won’t work for food

This crops up quite a bit and there is ONE thing you can start doing right now that’s going to help and that’s to ditch the dinner bowl! We say it a lot but using your dog’s daily food to train with is a game changer. View it as a pot of value. Right now, if you are using a bowl, that value is being wasted by going straight into the dinner bowl! Think of all the cool stuff you could be working on with that source of reinforcement! Dogs LOVE to work for something in return, so for those of you who have a dog that, at the moment, won’t work for food, we’d love you to try ditching the bowl and work through this. Trust us we have seen it work time and time again.

Struggle 2: My dog just doesn’t get it!

Learning for your dog should be fun and achievable. One pitfall in dog training is that we can sometimes expect too much too soon. Let your dog guide the learning pace. Don’t be in a hurry to add more difficulty. When your dog is ready for the next level, that’s great, but re-visit the previous easier levels randomly too! That way you’ll keep the motivation high!And remember, every dog is different. Train the dog that is in front of you!

Struggle 3: Waaaa!! There’s just too much to train. Where do I start?

It can be totally overwhelming if you have in your mind ALL of the challenges you are currently facing with your dog. Or perhaps you own a sports dog, and you are snowed under with all of the skills you’d like to teach your dog to prepare them for competition. Pick your battles! You can’t achieve everything all in one go. So here’s a task for you; pick 3 things you’d like to work on with your dog for the next 3 weeks. Focus on just those 3 and really work at them. Keep to this mindset and make a plan. Break your training down into achievable chunks!

Struggle 4: It was a disaster!

So – your training session didn’t go to plan. Its human nature to really focus on what went wrong! Flip that mindset on its head! Even if you didn’t have the perfect training session, forget the bad, focus on the good. What went right? We LOVE this quote by Winston Churchill : “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Struggle 5: My dog jumps up, my dog counter surfs….

My dog goes nuts when visitors come, my dog goes wild when someone is walking passed the window……to name a few! We hear these, and more, a lot! So what is the solution? There’s one game that can solve SO many training challenges! BOUNDARY GAMES FOR THE WIN! If you haven’t already invested time in playing boundary games, now is the time to start! Seriously, hop to it! We aren’t kidding when we say boundary games are the key to unlocking so many struggles and turning them into strengths! If you’re not sure where to start, download the Naughty But Nice DVD, it’s all explained in there!

Zoom Training

And have you thought about joining us via Zoom for weekly consistency classes? This is an amazing opportunity to train with us in the comfort of your own living room. To play the games with a trainer and to get to see them regularly via Zoom. And keep yourself on track with your training and get a weekly energy boost from the amazing Devon Dogs trainer team!

Each week the group works through games, skills and specific topics relevant to the group.  It is a super supportive and fun group to be part of. As a regular student you also have access to the Devon Dogs Student Hub on Facebook where you can ask questions, post videos and share your successes; we love the Devon Dogs online community!

Why not take a look at our Online Training

Our Weekly Online Training classes are held on either a Monday or Wednesday at 7:15pm to 8:45pm via Zoom. We also have some fabulous training packages that will help you to look at and work through your training goals and make sure you are on the right path!

Let us help you in your plan for 2021!

Our amazing trainers, Michelle, Teresa, Becky and Tracey, are more than willing to help you; in fact they absolutely love to guide students towards the best possible training event for each individual problem. They are really solution focused. To learn more about how we can help, visit our website, or email us HERE.


Have you just brought home a bundle of puppy joy? Or are you keen to give agility or obedience a go? Or do you have a dog training challenge that you want to crack? Here at Devon Dogs we cover all aspects of dog training. Our puppy and new dog life skills classes offer a holistic approach to getting the basics right, after all getting it right from the start is key. If you wanted to push forward with your training and give agility or obedience a go we welcome everyone no matter your experience level. With our help you will extend your knowledge and passion and strengthen your relationship with your dog. Whether you want to train with us for fun and fitness or find you would like to take your new skills to competition level, our Devon Dogs trainers are able to cater for all levels and aspirations.