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Lessons are in high demand. Please put your preferred dates/times on the checkout page and we’ll fit you into the first available space.
*All 121s purchase at the Sale Price should take place during January/February or the next available dates.




121’s by the Hour

If you are coming to Devon on holiday or live locally, you can purchase 121’s by the hour!  If you are traveling to the area, you can use these hours for a consult call(s) prior to your trip and in-person training while local. If you are local, 121s by the hour can help you keep your training on track, the more hours you purchase, the cheaper they are by the hour and we can get your training in the diary so you stay accountable. Simply choose a pricing option/hours that works for you in the table above.

How to get the best out of your training session:

    • Please bring a hungry dog to your session, Devon Dog’s training is based on positive reinforcement and we use food as a reward during training sessions. Bring the kibble you would feed your dog in the meal before your session. So, if you have a morning 1-2-1 then bring your dog’s breakfast, whereas if you have an evening 1-2-1 then bring your dog’s dinner.
    • Your dog can have light exercise ahead of your 1-2-1, so a brief walk. The training session will be a good workout for your dog – physically and mentally.
    • As well as your dog’s kibble, please bring a variety of treats (cheese, ham, sausage, chicken) including high value treats such as dried liver or heart – anything that you know your dog absolutely loves – think human food!
    • Bring a toy that your dog loves to play with, you can find some ideas at Tug-E-Nuff
    • Bring a bed to your training session, if you have one, these really help out sessions – HiK9 have some great beds!
    • Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of your lesson. Upon arrival, park as close to the training arena as possible and wait in your car for your trainer to come to you.
    • Please note that 1-2-1 lessons are for a maximum of two people and two dogs only.

Astro Turf Rules:

From January 2019, Devon Dogs will be using a new state-of-the-art astro turf flooring within our training arena. To keep this fantastic improvement of the Devon Dogs training facilities at its very, very best for the benefit of all of us, we need to follow some super simple rules:

    • Outdoor shoes are not to be used in the arena – please bring some indoor shoes to change into.
    • Please make sure your dog is dry and clean before entering the arena, particularly their paws. Please also clean off any toys before use.
    • Please make sure your dog has toileted outside the arena before entering.
    • Please ensure you bring a crate or raised bed, placed on a blanket to catch any missed training treats.