Fireworks Workshop Online Recording


This is a recording from an Online Workshop we ran via Zoom.


1f4a5.png Fireworks ONLINE Workshop RECORDING 1f4a5.png


What is it with dogs and loud noises and fireworks? It can be the smell. It can be the noise and the flashes of the light, the unpredictability and the sheer volume and stacking of the situation! Your dog may tremble, hide, shake, shiver, howl, and bark. You name it they may do it… hide, dig and some dogs get really frantic.

Are you dreading having a shaking, scared, terrified dog on your hands? Is it a thing of nightmares for you and your dog? There is SO much you can do to help your dog and be more educated and prepared for fireworks! Whenever and wherever they may happen! You have got this and we have the tricks of the trade!

Join us for a very special 2 hour Zoom workshop where you for sure will what a notepad and pen!  We will:

1f4a5.png play games to help your 1f415.png be more comfortable with fireworks. You can play along with us or you can watch and take notes – no pressure! We know these dogs need no pressure!

1f4a5.png share tips on setup to keep your dog as comfortable as possible in the lead up to the event!

1f4a5.png answer your questions and provide reassurance that you CAN do this!

1f9e8.png Help you to create a Safe Haven For Your Dog

1f387.png Grow and build your dogs confidence so that together you know you have got this! You really have and together we will crack it!

1f386.png Prep how to feed your dog and toilet them up to the fireworks event

1f9e8.png How to build, grow and reward calm1f49b.png

What are you waiting for – you and your dog so deserve this! Together we have got this.