Digital Download Bundle NBN / P2P


Buy both Pup2Perfection and Naughty But Nice digital downloads together and save money!

***This digital download will NOT download directly to a mobile device, instead please only download to a computer or laptop and then transfer across to your mobile device if desired***


If you want to do some training on your own without the face to face or direct support of a trainer, you can download either the Pup2Perfection or Naughty but Nice DVDs and start training as soon as the download finishes! This allows you to develop at your pace without ever having to visit a classroom. You also get to keep these for LIFE!



Have you just gotten a new puppy or a rescue dog? Are looking to do some training in the safety of your own home? This set of training DVDs are perfect for you and will help you build a super relationship with your puppy or rescue dog! You will learn about:

    • Play work, toy skills, recall, life skills, distraction training, drive and motivation
    • The different development stages for puppies as well as rescue dogs
    • Working with how your dog learns and what your dog finds rewarding

Naughty but Nice


Do you own a ‘naughty but nice’ dog? Are you embarrassed to take you dog out in public for a walk? We have the perfect training for you! The Naughty but Nice DVD/Digital Download will show you how to turn your struggles into strengths.


    • You will gain insight into your dog’s behaviour and learn new strategies to bring out the best in your dog
    • Learn about canine emotions and how you can change them
    • Build an optimistic dog that responds positively to everything!
    • Play games to create crazy focus, build a better relationship and develop impulse control
    • Most importantly have fun with your dog!