Superfoods for Your Dog Bake Off Recording


This is a recording from an Online Workshop we ran via Zoom.


Superfoods for Your Dog Bake Off Recording


Harnessing the power of food – Let’s optimise our dogs foods together and strive for wellness and longevity

We have been running Bake Offs for dogs for a while now and this Bake Off is all about Superfoods and harnessing the power of food for your dog.  Be prepared for baking and taking lots and lots of notes as we will be sharing as many tips as we can!  There is so much we can do to help our dogs stay healthy and fit through their diet.

This Bake Off is dedicated to wellness and longevity and helping you be much more strategic with your dog’s feeding. Think colourful, creative and full of interesting facts so you can make great choices for your dog. We’ll also cover more than just food to improve your dog’s overall well-being.

  • Training treats: super cool and easy recipes, healthy, tasty and easy to manage; your dogs will LOVE them and easy for you to follow along
  • Stuffed bones and kong recipes and ideas
  • Ditch the bowl ideas!
  • Calm mat preparation
  • Squeezy tube ideas
  • Tips for healthy, cost effective chews

We’ll send you what you need to have to cook along with us and we will make sure by the end of the evening you have some amazing recipes and some ditch the bowl preparation all done ready for the week ahead. Your dogs will well and truly thank you!!!