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Have you just gotten a new puppy or a rescue dog? Are looking to do some training in the safety of your own home? This set of training DVDs are perfect for you. You will learn about:

  • Play work, toy skills, recall, life skills, distraction training, drive and motivation
  • The different development stages for puppies as well as rescue dogs
  • Working with how your dog learns and what your dog finds rewarding

This training series will help you build a super relationship with your puppy or rescue dog!

Naughty but Nice

Do you own a ‘naughty but nice’ dog? Are you embarrassed to take you dog out in public for a walk?

We have the perfect training for you! The Naughty but Nice DVD/Digital Download will show you how to turn your struggles into strengths.

  • You will gain insight into your dog’s behaviour and learn new strategies to bring out the best in your dog
  • Learn about canine emotions and how you can change them
  • Build an optimistic dog that respond positively to everything!
  • Play games to create crazy focus, build a better relationship and develop impulse control
  • Most importantly have fun with your dog!