Puppy Residential Training – FULLY BOOKED!

CONGRATULATIONS – A NEW PUPPY!  Such an exciting time… at first!  And then the struggles start:

Noisy Monkey, will he ever be quiet?
Feral Wild Beast doing laps around the house and on the furniture.
Little Mako Shark or Piranha, my ankles and hands will never be the same!
Wild child running over to every single dog or person and jumping all over them, so embarrassing.
   Thief Extraordinaire stealing food off the side.
   Every pair of reading glasses has been ‘redesigned’ and socks are a favourite!
Sled Dog in Training dragging and pulling on lead… walks are just that fun!
Chewing Champion gnawing on chairs legs, table legs, whatever those little teeth can sink into!

Before discovering Devon Dogs residential puppy care I was extremely concerned as to how best to help our new family puppy achieve the best start to her ongoing coaching and happiness in life. We were put into a situation that meant we could not use the conventional routes of training and learning, for this however, I’m incredibly grateful as I  found a new and much more rewarding way to work with our puppy through play and promoting her optimism for life!

Daisy was away with Lauren and her team for four weeks and came back a much calmer, confident girl. We were given the knowledge to support her further learning and have been able to easily use the same techniques and practices and are seeing the benefits at home now. Our education is still ongoing and I feel confident moving forwards. I’m looking ahead at understanding her more and strengthening our relationship.

I’m so glad we made this decision, with family life commitments I’m confident that the results we’ve seen would have been much harder to achieve without their dedicated help. This has completely changed the way I think about what my dog needs and how to build our relationship, the whole family has gotten involved and are able to play the game too. We are experienced dog owners but this has really helped us to evolve our knowledge to suit the dog we have.

I would highly recommend the residential puppy training and would have absolutely no qualms about sending future dogs or attending further courses with the team at Devon Dogs.

Emma Tay

Is this the life you imagined? 

Probably not! And we are here to help! The trainers at Devon Dogs are puppy experts and will help you get your puppy off to the great start you dreamed of. Here is what we can do to kick start your amazing life with your new puppy.

We are the puppy EXPERTS!!!

    • Household manners
    • Loose lead walking
    • Grooming and handling
    • Recall
    • Retrieve
    • Settling
    • Appropriate play
    • Socialization with our stooge dog team
    • Vehicle acclimatization and travel
    • Manners


Let us know what you need and we will help to get you started

Our programme starts with a recommended Consultation Call with one of our puppy trainers, we will then develop a plan for your puppy and make arrangements for your puppy to stay with us. Support is provided once your puppy gets home. You will also have a 2 hour 121 handover where we show you the games and strategies for your puppy. We have several options to provide support and keep you on track when you continue the work at home!

Contact us today via the form below and let us know how we can help you with your puppy! 💗 if you are unable to submit the form below – please contact us at: [email protected].

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