Are you super busy and need a hand to improve
your dogs behaviour? Or are you frustrated and
just not getting the results yourself?


We can train your dog for you in
our Residential Intensive Training

Residential Intensive Training – FULLY BOOKED!


Are you super busy and actually need a hand to improve your dogs behaviour? Not finding the time to train your own dog?  Or are you super frustrated and just not getting the results yourself? Maybe you have a puppy who needs house training or general pet training? Da-da-da… RESIDENTIAL training is here!

Here at Devon Dogs, we are very excited about our very latest development!  Due to popular demand and countless requests over the years, we are now able to offer your dog a fantastic opportunity to come and stay with us for a Residential Intensive Training Course where they will receive a unique training package specifically developed for them by our team of trainers. We offer to train your dog/dogs, here at East Bowerland Farm, our wonderful Devon Dogs home venue in the very heart of breathtaking Dartmoor.

Your training will be fully bespoke and customised to your exact training needs. We aim to help you to build up a special relationship with your dog, so you will feel confident and secure whenever you take your dog out with you. We welcome all breeds of dogs, all ages, and of course, all types of owners!


So, if you are struggling with:


•  Dog-dog reactivity or anxiety
•  Poor recall
•  Socialisation
•  General puppy training
•  Chase
•  Visitors (door knocking, door bells)
•  Calmness at home and out & about
•  Loose lead walking
•  Manners
•  Vehicle travel
•  Separation anxiety
•  Growing your dog’s optimism and confidence and so much more


Devon Dogs is here to help you and your dog, we can jump start your training, just let us know what you need help with!  We will work with puppies, rescue dogs, any breed or mix, you name it we have trained them before!

Our super residential training programme will work with your dog over a 3+ week time frame to help you conquer your struggle. We can do longer if you have a busy time period – we are flexible to your needs.

Your dog will receive ‘in home’ training; out and about work in a variety of environments (moor walks, town walks, etc), as well as working with stooge dogs. At the end of training, we hand over the lead to you with a 2-hour 121 session. You’ll be taught the skills needed to continue with your dogs training once home, so that you can achieve long term success.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our residential training, simply fill in the enquiry form below, in order for us to assess and recommend the training you need. Residential training is 100% bespoke and we want to help you get the results you so truly deserve! Collect and drop off may be available depending on timing.

if you are unable to submit the form below – please contact us at: [email protected].


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