Upcoming Retreats at Bowerland

I cannot say enough about Devon Dogs and Bowerland. Everyone is so kind and helpful, from answering questions to assisting with our booking. The great experience starts before you even arrive. My husband and I travelled from the US for the International Retreat and stayed in the beautiful Dartmoor Inn Cottage.

We learned from the trainers as well as the other members of the retreat. I could not have dreamed  of a better group of people from around the globe to work and make friends with. The week was full of laughs, teamwork, empowerment and more than a few tears of joy. I left with a renewed sense of confidence in tackling my dogs’ struggles and a game plan to achieve them.

There is magic in the air at Bowerland, and if you look closely, you might spot a fairy and quite a few unicorns.


The Naughty-But-Nice retreat was amazing! It was a whirlwind of a week, our second visit of the year and we are still moving forward steadily. Bursting with new knowledge and confidence, we’re more able to step out into the world and enjoy life. Our group was brilliant, everyone did so well. Hugs and high-fives all-round!

We learned about disengagement, arousal, fitness, dog physiology and so much more in the group and 1-2-1 sessions. We reviewed our dogs’ stress buckets, how our homes are set up and our daily routines. The trainers gave us great advice on what we can improve and a plan to implement when we get home. A fireside chat with Lauren and a delicious meal home-made by Michelle was a great opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and have fun together.

Our dog Sam is reactive to people and dogs. So it was incredible seeing him walk past a line-up of people in the car park without barking or lunging, and sitting behind our group calmly on a boundary during a lesson. It was incredible to be in such a supportive space where we can help our dogs (and ourselves) overcome struggles. This means the world to us.

Sending love to all the other NBN dogs and their owners out there. Here’s to fun, games and brighter futures! We’re looking to see how we get on back “in the wild” at home. Until we visit again…

Dr David Edge