We are more than a little excited! Starting from July 1st, we will be re-starting some training again at Devon Dogs! With that in mind, we have a great selection of training available during July to help you work on your really reliable recall.

Track It Down, Search Days – A 3 day workshop from 11th – 13th July.

Scent Work is a positive, challenging activity which allows dogs the opportunity to use their strongest natural sense in a way that’s fun, engaging, and builds and strengthens a foundation of trust between the handler and dog. It is perfect for any dog and we welcome all ages and types of dogs! Some dogs tend to have a more natural aptitude to this kind of work, but whatever the attitude of your dog, you will bring out their truly natural behaviour.

This event is a great, healthy way to develop your relationship with your dog, and give your relationship a great big BOOST! It will also suit Naughty But Nice dogs who have either had a 1-2-1 with us or been on an intense or a holiday package with our trainers!  If in doubt, ask us!

Multi Skills Agility Day – Sunday 19th July

We have a fantastic last minute post lockdown opportunity for you. Due to numerous requests, we are offering a three-part skills day to give your agility that oh so needed boost that is so rightly deserved and has been missing from our lives! During the day we will cover:

  • Jump Skills & Grids: giving your dog the very best startup back to training, looking at powering, collection and turning.
  • European Handling: giving you the options of different handling techniques available and having the confidence to send and go.
  • Contacts: powering up your dogs understanding of what is required of each piece of contact equipment whether it’s a stop or run.

Get Out There – Games on the Road – 24th & 25th July

Join us on this fantastic workshop held over 2 days and we will help you take your training on the road!  We will show you the games to play with your dog to help you take your amazing training wherever you go!

Border Collie Day – Saturday 25th July

Or why not join us for our Border Collie Day? Collies are smart, fiercely independent, creative, super fast learners and while they are truly lovable. Sharing your life with a Collie is a privilege, and to have such beautiful dogs in your home is a pleasure to be enjoyed every day.

In this workshop we will be looking at understanding your Collie and how to become a better expert of the breed. Bring out the very best in these dogs and they will give you the world!  Learn more about your lovable collie and how best to train them using their unique qualities rather than battling against them.


How have you been doing whilst working from home, have you been successful with homeschooling your dog? Have you faced any challenges? Are you looking for some new inspiration on what to do? We want to help you to stay connected and stay on top of your training!

Consult Calls

Join us for a Consult Call and get your dog training back on track while following government guidance to stay at home. We have 3 amazing NEW options designed for your specific struggle. It’s simple, just follow the links below and get yourself booked in!

Check out our Devon Dogs Calendar for these and many more events this month!  Keep up your Training Resolutions. If we can help answer any of your questions, send us an email at [email protected], or give us a ring on 07717 696623. We look forward to hearing from you.