We have a great selection of training available this month to help you fall back in love with dog training.


💜🐾Naughty But Nice Day & Naughty But Nice Winter Intensive🐾💜

For starters, take a look at our Naughty But Nice Day  Saturday 15th February or our Naughty But Nice Winter Intensive Tuesday 25th – Friday 28th February. These fabulous events will take you from worrying about what could go wrong, to getting excited about what will go right!! You’ll start thinking about all those challenges as true training opportunities. We call these Naughty But Nice Dogs (NBN) and we LOVE them! We are here to help you transform your NBN and turn your struggles into strengths! This workshop will arm you with the games and strategies you need to bring out the AWESOME in your dog! You are not alone, we have your back and are here to help you out! Come along and see for yourself.


💜🐾Stop Chase – 2 Day🐾💜

Or what about Stop Chase – 2 Day Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th February? Find out the secret to stopping your dog from chasing, and start having more enjoyable, relaxing and harmonious walks. Join us on this super workshop where you will learn the games that create an amazing relationship with your dog. Turn your struggle into a truly admirable and incredible relationship and make sure that your dog will always pick you over everything else in the environment! 


💜🐾Crufts Course Running Day🐾💜

Why not come along for our Crufts Course Running Day on Saturday 22nd February. Open to those who are new to competition or require some more experience, with the aim to have fun and practice their course running skills. Perfect for the winter months ahead as you can use this workshop to establish and set what skills you need to hone over winter ready for next season!


Check out our Devon Dogs Calendar for these and many more events this month!  Keep up your New Year Training Resolutions. If we can help answer any of your questions, give us a ring on 07717 696623, or send us an email at [email protected].  We look forward to hearing from you.


Have you just brought home a bundle of puppy joy? Or are you keen to give agility or obedience a go? Or do you have a dog training challenge that you want to crack? Here at Devon Dogs we cover all aspects of dog training. Our puppy and new dog life skills classes offer a holistic approach to getting the basics right, after all getting it right from the start is key. If you wanted to push forward with your training and give agility or obedience a go we welcome everyone no matter your experience level. With our help you will extend your knowledge and passion and strengthen your relationship with your dog. Whether you want to train with us for fun and fitness or find you would like to take your new skills to competition level, our Devon Dogs trainers are able to cater for all levels and aspirations.