What an amazing week!  At Devon Dogs we are celebrating the amazing weather we have had for October!  Sunshine, warm weather and a simply perfect setting for dog training!  What weather did you have and what were your wins this week?  We are continuing to explore the foundation skills you need to grow an amazing agility dog!  We have looked at desire and boundaries and now we will have a look at recall…this is crucial for agility!

To get the most out of your agility training, having a dog that comes straight back to you when you are doing exercises means you can do faster repeats and build your agility skills quicker. How can you make your recall awesome?  Practice makes perfect!  Play games like Name Game where you toss a bit of food away from you for your dog to get, as soon as they have located and eaten the food, use your recall word, when your dog comes to you reward and praise them and repeat this!  Some tips to keep your recall super speedy:

  • If you call your dog and they ignore you, don’t call again, go and get them
  • Use a long line/lead if you think your dog may not respond to your recall, you can then help them with some gentle pressure or you can easily walk up to them and collect them so there is no rehearsing of ignoring your recall
  • Work in easy environments first then build the level of difficulty
  • You want to be able to recall your dog from anything at anytime
  • Keep it interesting and exciting when your dog comes back and recalls well, it is all about the reward experience
  • Do enough recalls to build a solid recall without doing so many your dog gets bored!  3 or maybe 4 recalls is more than enough!
  • FUN, it is all about fun, so keep it exciting and have fun practicing your recall.

A great recall means you also will be more likely to have a superb retrieve!  All important for agility and a skill we will explore next week!

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