We have had some amazing wins this week launching access to the Training Academy through Devon Dogs and advertising our first online classes!  One of the classes filled within 24 hours and we are looking at launching our next series!  These are two super wins and everyone is more than a little excited!

The Training Academy is called the Netflix of dog training with well over 200 games plus bonus material, ebooks, inspiration videos…so much!  There is so much you can do.  We are so incredibly excited that we can offer this product as our very favourite students to teach are Training Academy students.  Training Academy students already play the games so we focus on designing a training plan just for you and your dog and we can help you adjust the games and focus on the areas that will give you the quickest results.   If you aren’t already part of the Training Academy, join TODAY!  Follow the below link to learn more!

Training Academy

Our online classes are a new way of delivering classes while lock down continues and allows anyone to benefit from learning with us without leaving home!  Keep a look out on the Devon Dogs Facebook page for our next series to be rolled out!

Facebook Devon Dogs

We have loved keeping in touch with our regular classes via weekly Zoom calls!  So great to catch up and look at where everyone is with their training and to keep the momentum moving forward!  This week and for the next few weeks we are focusing on Retrieve, such a big topic!

With everyone working from home, we have been helping students remotely through Consult Calls.  From across the United States, Canada, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Scotland and throughout the UK, it is amazing to be able help our students with their struggles and to keep them training and adapting to the new situation we are all in.  We have reduced our Consult Call prices, if you need any help we are just a phone call away and we can use Skype/Facetime/Whatsapp to work with you to keeping your training on track!

Consult Call – Book Now

Have you just brought home a bundle of puppy joy? Or are you keen to give agility or obedience a go? Or do you have a dog training challenge that you want to crack? Here at Devon Dogs we cover all aspects of dog training. Our puppy and new dog life skills classes offer a holistic approach to getting the basics right, after all getting it right from the start is key. If you wanted to push forward with your training and give agility or obedience a go we welcome everyone no matter your experience level. With our help you will extend your knowledge and passion and strengthen your relationship with your dog. Whether you want to train with us for fun and fitness or find you would like to take your new skills to competition level, our Devon Dogs trainers are able to cater for all levels and aspirations.