As we enter a new month and reflect on all that happened in September, what amazing wins we have seen our students have! First time competing in agility (well done Barry and Jess!), going on holiday and having a super relaxing time with no stress, off leash walks, canicross runs…just to name a few! A massive shout out for Matt and Classic and their amazing agility win qualifying them for Cruft 2022 – that photo is for sure a winning smile from Matt!

Last week

We started looking at what qualities and skills you want your dog to have to be an agility star! Desire is the first ingredient, what does your dog desire? Your next skill to build is having amazing boundaries. The ability to stay put transfers to so many aspects of agility. Turning taking while training, conserving energy and staying calm in between goes which means a faster dog when running the course, and it is the foundation for a brilliant start-line where your dog waits until you are ready to start the course!

What do you need to do to get started with boundaries?

First you need a love of the boundary itself, you achieve this by feeding the bed, your dog will actively start to seek out the boundary as reinforcement appears whenever they get on it. With the love of the boundary, you want to then build up your release cue, this is permission to get off the boundary and is the secret to a dog who stays put, your dog will be waiting in anticipation for you to release them. Then you start adding in levels of difficulty to your boundary sessions with distractions, adding distance, and expecting more duration. Over time your dog will develop the skills to remain on their boundary and this helps massively with having a calm dog in the home. All of our classes and workshops, in person and online, incorporate boundaries in every session, it is such an important foundation skill!

Are you looking to turn your struggles into strengths? 

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