I’m coming for training… what do I need to do or bring?

121 Guidelines

WOOOOHOOOO! We are so excited you are coming to train with us, to ensure you are well prepared to focus on your training with us, have a read of the guidelines below: 

  • Please pack all the equipment you will need: a boundary (if you have one), water, water bowl, more than enough training food, harnesses, leads, long line, crate, coffee/tea, poo bags etc. 
  • We are using outdoor spaces as much as possible for training.  This allows us to help you with your current training struggles.
  • Please pack wet weather gear, sun hat, shade for your vehicle.  We will work outdoors as much as possible for training sessions.  Theory portions can be indoors where we have inclement weather.
  • If you are staying onsite, we can hold some of your training in your cottage/ garden space. Always approach your trainer if you want to do more of this.
  • Please remain in your vehicle when you arrive in the Bowerland carpark until your trainer indicates they are ready for you.  
  • For the best experience possible and to help manage the site, your dog should only be out of your vehicle with your trainer.
  • When your dog exits your vehicle, please ensure your dog is on lead so as not to jump on a trainer or visit anyone in the carpark.
At the end (it’s not really over)
  • Please double check you have all your belongings when you leave, we know you may have travelled a distance to train with us, it’s a long way back to collect what you left!
  • To ensure there is room for the next students, we ask you leave promptly after your lesson
  • Please take your poo bags with you from the training centre and dispose of these appropriately.  If you are staying in the cottages, there are poo bins in your garden.
  • Make sure you have your next training booked in before you go!  This will help you stay accountable! Never leave without the next date in the diary – this moves mountains and gets real life results! 

We look forward to seeing you and helping you with your dog training journey, thank you in advance for helping us make this the very best experience for everyone who comes to train with us.


General Information

  • If you have a dog that marks or may toilet when working on the Astro Turf, please notify your instructor at the very beginning of your lesson. We will ensure you work in the most suitable area at Bowerland for your dog.
  • Please read more tips on keeping your dog comfortable when training at Devon Dogs.
  • Most of your training will be in and around our Training Barn, depending on the weather, but take a look at our Astro Turf Rules so that you are aware of the details just in case you have booked agility training which may be on the astro turf.
  • Have a look at our Welcome Information for directions and more information about East Bowerland Farm.
  • When you arrive please remain in your car and your trainer will come out to meet you.
  • If you have any other questions, please check out our FAQ page, or feel free to contact us.