Naughty But Nice Dogs

Naughty but Nice dogs have their challenges, some will say they have issues. They might not like certain situations, people or other dogs. They are often unconfident but can sometimes come across as ‘confident’ as they tend to bark and lunge towards whatever it is that they are troubled by. Do you find it stressful walking your dog out and about? Are you worried about what is going to happen? Do you feel isolated and at a loss as to what to do? Are you avoiding situations altogether? Help is at hand!

Devon Dogs is home of the Naughty but Nice program that has transformed thousands of owners and their globally. We are passionate about turning your struggles into strengths.

Struggles we can help you with:


⭐ Running over to other dogs
⭐ Growling, lunging, barking on lead
⭐  Stopping and not wanting to walk anymore
⭐  Jumping all over strangers
⭐  Barking at noises
⭐  Chasing cyclists, joggers, wildlife or livestock (anything really!)
⭐  Pacing, watching, always aware and ready for what might happen
⭐  Issue with travel and resting in vehicles





What YOUR training will look like:


⭐ Working in different environments;
⭐ Learning and practicing out & about strategies;
⭐ Understanding your dog’s body language;
⭐ Motivating your dog and using appropriate rewards;
⭐ Games that will bring out the BEST in your dog;
⭐ Working around stooge dogs;
⭐ Traveling to new locations for real-life results;
⭐ Games you can play at home or take out and about;
⭐ Practicing your mechanics with our amazing team of dogs;
⭐ Sending you home with a plan!


We have a variety of individual training options for you:

Consult Calls

Expert trainers can coach you through any struggles you may be having from the comfort of your own home with a Behaviour Consult.

retreats for NBN page

Naughty But Nice Retreats

A residential training programme for YOU and your dog at Bowerland! Stay with us in Devon for a week of transformation and learning

stayandtrain for NBN page

Stay & Train Holidays

Our packages are designed to help with any struggle you are having with your dog. Enjoy a tailored dog training holiday experience like no other!

Naughty But Nice Workshops